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  • How do I order and how many cookEZ can I order?
    Orders are placed during Pre-Order dates and time. Pre-order date and time is always announced on Home Page, in bio section on IG and posted on FB. Supplies are limited and orders have potential to close quickly. Therefore, once all orders are filled, then pre-orders close. Supplies are limited and cookies do sell out. Cookies will be restocked every Monday.
  • Get these CookEZ in my BELLY RIGHT MEOW!?!
    Woah, hold up BECKY!! Local pick up and delivery options are on announced at checkout. Unless otherwise stated. Shipping Occurs: On Monday's following the pre-order date--UNLESS the post office is closed or on Holidays. Then your order is shipped the following day. Shipping is 2-3 Business days. However, this may not be gaurentteed due to once your Package is in the post office's hands, the package is no longer FrobandyCAKES CookEZ responsiblity. Please understand your package could be delayed due to unforseen circumstances with the Post office.
  • Are these CookEZ "Healthy" CookEZ", gluten free, protein cookies etc..??
    Healthy for your spirit!! And no we do not currently make gluten free cookies or protein cookies. These cookies contain the following, but not limited too; Unbleached flour, cake flour, cocoa powder, cacao powder, baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch, cream of tarter, brown sugar, MORE SUGAR, eggs, butter, extracts, gelatin, oats, unsweetened condensed milk, powdered sugar, peanut butter, other nuts from nut family and OTHER mix in's that contain MORE SUGAR. Then typically topped with more sugar flavoring. :) Lastly ingredient, LOVE.
  • Tell me about Shipping?
    USPS SHIPPING Nationwide Shipping. $13.00 for box of 4-8 cookies $25.00 for a box of 9-16 cookies Shipping goes out on Monday's following the pre-order date, unless the post office is closed or falls on a Holiday. PRAYERS FOR the arrival of your Cookies: 2-3 Business days. Please note: Once your cookies have been received by the post office, it is out of FrobandyCAKES CookEZ control what happens during & after shipping. Therefore, some packages may arrive 5-7 days after shipped. There are no refunds/credits for lost, damaged, stolen, delayed packages or replacement for incorrect address given to FrobandyCAKES CookEZ. **All sales are final. Some cookies have potential to melt due to weather conditions while shipping and/or designed this way. FrobandyCAKES CookEZ is not responsible for any of these if they occur. By continuing with your purchase you have read and acknowledged these statements .
  • Local Orders for CookEZ: Pick ups & Delivery
    Local pick and delivery options, when available, are announced on the Home and Order page as well as on IG. Select your options at check out. Location & time for pick up will be explained at check out. Local Pick up>Please be mindful, the pick up time and date, are set and cannot be changed, modified or rescheduled. Please be mindful of this and prepare ahead to pick up your order during this timeframe. Some customers will notify FrobandyCAKES that another person will pick up their order and if they are not able too pick up IF you are unable to pick up locally, please request local shipping. Shipping is $10.00. Delivery date and time will also be given at check out. Cookie orders will be placed on your front porch. Please be mindful of the given time selected at check out. FrobandyCAKES is not responsible for anything that occurs after orders are left on the porch.
  • GURL, I want a custom box of CookEZ PLEASE!!"
    Custom cookie boxes are typically sold in mini 1dz packs. Spots are limited. Therefore, if you have a question regarding events, please email
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