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HELLO Cookie FAM!!

My name is Fran and my daughter and I started FrobadyCAKES CookEZ in 2019. We both have many talents, passions and LOVE for all that life blesses us with, and BAKING is ONE of them! 

 The creation of THESE enormous, giant, luxury cookies brings out our best imagination.  


A little bit about myself, I have a  passion for fitness and believe it is possible to bake your COOKEZ and EAT them Too! :)    With that, I am a believer of mindful eating. We can have a fit lifestyle and enjoy sweet treats by paying close attention to our body and thought process when we indulge in sweets. 

My daughter has a passion in reading, exploration, science, future study of medicine and animals. When she is not reading or studying, she is assisting in the kitchen with me. 

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